Frank Mayers Advocate & Notarypic4info_en

  • Legal Translation Services
  • Notarial/Notary Services
  • Registered member of the Israel Bar Association since 1987.
  • Registered notary since 2003.
  • Engaged in legal translations since 1995 after having practiced for almost ten years as a civil lawyer.
  • LL.B. – From the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa South Africa.
  • B.A. – Undergraduate degree – majoring in English (also studied Afrikaans, Latin and law) – University of Witwatersrand South Africa.

Thus, extensive background in practice and theory of law and language resulting in professional and accurate legal translations of the highest standard.
Extensive experience working under tight deadlines with the country’s leading law firms and multi-national companies.


  • Full Hebrew – English & English – Hebrew Legal Translations.
  • Commercial and financial translations.
  • Full notary/ notarial services, including: certified translations, notarized translations, notarization of signatures, notarizations of copies, etcetera.

* All translations executed by professionals in their field, with experience, knowledge and ability.
* All translations are translated into the target language by native speakers only.
* Quick, efficient, accurate, pleasant and at going rates.